Customer Retention Techniques That Work

There are many different customer retention techniques. The following 3 are not necessarily the most important but are interactive ways to increase customer retention and help you stay connected with your customers, driving them back in your business more often. Customer Retention Techniques: Be innovative and always look for ways to improve. I know this is

Focus on Your Current Customers in Order to Find New Ones

The modern consumer faces a dizzying number of choices each day, all with their own unique characteristics and long lists of attributes and drawbacks.  How do you, as a company, position your product offerings in a way that makes a consumer choose your merchandise over a competitor’s? In other words, how do you differentiate yourself

54 Loyalty And Marketing Stats to Change Your Strategic Game Plan

Far too often, loyalty and marketing are thought of as two separate pages in the business strategy playbook.  Marketing is the play to bring new customers in and loyalty is the play that brings old customers back.  However, new marketing concepts are taking aim at boosting loyalty and results are showing that marketing to your current