Digital Business Cards

Traditional paper business cards are lost in the trash. A digital business card is your chance to stand out from the crowd when networking. Display videos, documents and much more on your business card to leave a memorable impression.  LaPorte Consulting will create a digital business card for yourself, or your company's employees, with a unique web page address and a simple, responsive design optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

  • Easily share your Digital Business Card by texting and/or emailing it to individuals that you meet or to group of hundreds effortlessly. 
  • Digital Business Card works on all smart phones that have internet capability
  • Add a new level of mobile interaction with your print marketing materials
  • Instantly and automatically deliver  information about your services when people text your mobile keywords
  • Sharing your Digital Business Card on popular social media websites is fast and simple

Features include Tap-to-call, Tap-to-email, About Us, Directions (including GPS functionality), Viral Sharing via text, email, QR code, and links to your social media accounts. It is custom-designed to match your logo and business colors.

Always with you
You never have to remember to restock your business cards. Your card is always on your phone, ready to share with your contacts.
You can share your card via email or text message.
Stand Out
When sharing a traditional paper business card you only share your contact details. This leaves no trace of who you are and what you are able to offer. Therefore we invented widgets that can be shared with your digital business card. You are able to share anything you like, such as social media, photos, music, videos, presentations, PDF's and much more to present yourself in the best possible way.