Developing strong customer acquisition and customer retention strategies is extremely important to your brand's longevity in the industry and its online reputation. Though the cost associated and overall time spent to acquire customers is typically higher than that of customer retention, both elements have a direct affect on a company's success and should be regarding equally. With the ever-growing Internet and Social Media space small and large businesses alike have enormous opportunities to reach new prospects and hold on to their established clients.

Digital Puch Cards

Our digital punch card is the centerpiece of your new loyalty club, a virtual membership card that your regulars will see and use via their mobile phones. You determine the rewards and how your regulars earn them. Best of all, we track the visits for you, so there are no physical membership cards for customers to lose or to clutter their wallets.  Our digital punch cards can be GPS location based so your customers can only "punch" them when they are at your locations and set the time between punches.

Digital Scratch Cards

Digital scratch card works like the real scratch card. Give your audience interactive and engaging experience they crave.  Our digital scratch card is linked to our text message marketing system which helps build your marketing list.  You can use your digital scratch card for:



Text Message Marketing

Text messaging has proved to be the most effective form of marketing, with an amazing 98 percent open rate and high response rates as well.  With our text messaging service, you can quickly broadcast your message to entire contact lists with a simple click of a button. And with a large number of carriers, including hundreds of international ones, you’ll be able to scale to a massive amount of messages effortlessly. Our system also makes collecting contact information a breeze.

Write once, send to all.

Our exclusive type once send to all technology allows you to simultaneously send to all your customers via Text, Email, Twitter and Facebook with One Click Promoting of your Coupon offer  or special event announcement!

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